Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Liberation and Time

Q: It seems that so much time is needed to realise the Self; many lifetimes in fact. For me, realisation always seem to be an even in the distant future.

You don't need hundreds of lives to realise the Self. In fact you don't need any time at all. Your idea of time is one of the things that is holding you in bondage. Time is one of the properties of the mind. Liberation does not come after a period of time because there is no time in the Self. Liberation comes when you fully understand and experience that there is no one who needs liberation. That understanding and that experience only arise when the mind and its inbuilt ideas of time have ceased to function. If you think about time and start to worry about how much longer it will be before you realise the Self, your attention will be on the mind and not on the Self. You can only make progress while the mind is on the Self.

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