Friday, September 30, 2016

Holding on to the Self

By holding on tightly to the motionless Self, taking as one’s support, the mind will become free of agitation. 

- Bhagavan in Padamalai

The ego is the reflection of the Self in the water of the mind, which is constantly throwing out thought-waves. If one searches for a method to still its movement, the correct way is to cling to the Self, the true import of the ego, as the object, remaining determinedly still, paying no attention to that reflection which makes one slip away from one’s true state.
- Muruganar

Because we exist, the ego appears to exist too. If we look on the Self as the ego, then we are the ego, if as the mind, we are the mind, if as the body, we are the body. It is the thought that works up in many ways. 

Looking at the shadow on the water, it is found to be shaking. Can anyone stop the shaking of the shadow? If it should cease to shake, you should not look on the water. Look at your Self. Therefore, do not look to the ego. The ego is the ‘I’-thought. The true ‘I’ is the Self.

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