Sunday, September 25, 2016

Paratpara rupam

This afternoon some Andhras came with their ladies, and went away after staying for some time in Bhagavan’s presence. One of them asked Bhagavan with folded hands, 

“Swami, we have come here after going on pilgrimage to Rameswaram and other places and worshipping the gods there. We want to know from you what paratpara rupa is like. Please let us know.”

With a smile Bhagavan said, “Is that so? It is the same. You yourself are saying that you have come after worshipping all the gods. Though He is one in all, that which is above all is paratpara rupam. It means ‘The form of the Supreme Being’. As you have seen all those temples, it has occurred to you to wonder what that Supreme Being is which is the source of all these gods. Would this question arise if you had not seen them all?”

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