Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mind and progress

Q: This is just my problem. The accumulated energy of my mind - all its hopes, fears, desires, worries, like and dislikes - is too much for me. The little energy I periodically put into self-enquiry is never enough to stop the spinning mind for more than one or two seconds. There is too much outward-moving energy in my mind. I cannot reach the source of the mind at all.

Once you begin to stabilise yourself in the state of oneness, the likes and dislikes which are causing you so much trouble now will just fade away of their own accord. When there are no likes or dislikes, what is there left in the mind to disturb your peace?

Don't be discouraged by obstacles or the feeling that you are not making any progress. The minds so enmeshed in illusion it is not capable of determining whether or not it is making any progress along the spiritual path. Just carry on with your meditation. Don't expect immediate results and don't be worried by the lack of them.

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